There are some organisations and even some industries that are driving forward what it really means to have gender equality at the workplace. Here are some great ideas for your organisation to try and become more inclusive. We are not here to point out what is going wrong, but this is just an attempt to make sure you know what can be done better.

  1. Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment at the entry level, a lot has changed, but senior leadership recruitment has stalled greatly. The major reason is that organisations still follow age-old recruitment schemes instead of adapting to the present because they have this skewed belief that as long as it works, why is there a need to change it. Such belief has greatly slowed down to organisation development and gender equality in the workplace. A simple change in the recruitment policy can easily form the first cracks needed to shatter the glass ceiling.

  1. Pool

The applicant pool for most organisations is quite limited largely because of biases that exist within the company. Pushing the boundaries and expanding the applicant pool to women entrants will greatly enrich the talent pool with capable members being available to take up roles, that otherwise would have needed countless hours of training and resources to ensure that a capable candidate was gotten.

  1. Interview Process

It is always best to go with a mixed group of interviewers. On the one hand, it ensures that bias doesn’t come in the way and it also makes both types of interviewees are comfortable when being asked questions. You should understand that the interview is not to see whether someone can handle the pressure and stress of a situation. It should be used as a way to understand whether the interviewee is a good fit for the organisation. What is the point of getting them stressed out, is that the sort of daily work experience that they are going to face? If that is the case, don’t you think something is gravely wrong with the organisation as a whole? Other things to keep in mind are to ask gender-neutral questions and assess how they respond.

  1. Opportunity

The single most important thing that needs to be taken into account in an organisation that is looking to make the workplace equal is to have opportunities available for all and the process to get those opportunities should be a level playing ground and those who are talented alone need to be promoted over favoured employees.