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Voices of Women in Rural Scotland

Voices of Women in Rural Scotland The Scottish Women's Convention have recently published 'Voices of Women in Rural Scotland'. The comprehensive report is organisaed around the key themes of education, helath and wellbeing, housing, local services and transport and travel.

The SWC state, "Women throughout Scotland have undoubtedly benefitted from measures introduced by Scottish administrations since devolution.".

But they also go on to say. "Women still struggle to enter into education and employment due to a lack of accessible, affordable childcare and extremely limited public transport. Education and employment opportunities are often gender streamed, with women entering into low paid, low skilled professions. Access to ‘non-traditional' roles is discouraged or simply not discussed ".

The problem of economic cutbacks  and a "raft of cuts to the public sector by the UK Coalition Government are particularly striking rural women ".

They conclude, "It is vital that the Scottish Government listens to the voices of women in Scotland. Issues are often more acute or exacerbated for women in remote, rural and super sparse areas of Scotland. Policy decisions must be made with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of all women throughout the country".
Download Document: SWC_Voices_of_Women_in_Rural_Scotland.pdf (275.9 KB)

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