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Inspirational Women Interview: Sue Mitchell

Inspirational Women Interview: Sue Mitchell
We are surrounded by inspirational women and we plan to share some of their stories through this section of the website.
Sue Mitchell is the first to be interviewed.

Inspirational Women Interview

 Name: - Sue Mitchell
Job title: - WEA Highland Manager (It’s actually Area Tutor Organiser –but that doesn’t mean anything to anyone!)

 Tell us a bit about your role:-

Think about a circus tent-setting it up - and that includes  lighting, seating, equipment; then attracting an audience through word of mouth, advertising, fliers, key contacts ; ensuring that the various acts arrive and that the audience  is engaged , inspired and wants to go on to do more - at that precise moment…  a lion escaped from a nearby zoo enters…  Multi tasking doesn’t do it justice but multi team does.  I couldn’t possibly do my job without a fantastic team of tutors, admin and finance staff, co-ordinators and of course learners.

 Relationship to W@W e.g. Advisory group member, Network work member: -

Member of the advisory group as a staff member for WEA


Wild swimming before it became fashionable. I learned to swim in the sea when I was 8 years old.

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

Worry less about the “right” decision - just go for trying things out and experimenting.

What was your first Job?

My Saturday job when I was still at school was as an assistant to the ballet school teacher

What Woman/Women have inspired you?

So many to choose from - but closer to home I still think that my mother is significant in her creative endeavours - now a mere 94. She has recently informed me that I shall have to sleep in the loft when I next visit as the spare room is full of her art materials and takes up all the free space!

What one change do you believe would make the biggest difference to the life of women?

This is a tricky one to answer as needs to differ and change- but equal pay for equal work has to up there. Affordable housing in travel to work location (Ok Sue, I’ll let you off with 2 changes C.F)

Who would be your ideal dinner guests?

I’d invite 5 –all of different nationalities, who would have to have made a journey to reach me - interested in music, books, the outdoors, politics, good food and wine - you want names?  My friends of course!

What is the best advice you have been given?

When things have been fraught   “Graveyards are full of indispensable people”

Favourite holiday spot?

Now that would mean it might be mobbed- In North West Scotland, down a single track road –with a wonderful beach surrounded by hills and sea

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