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Inspirational Women Interview: Alyson Smith

Inspirational Women Interview: Alyson Smith Name:  Alyson Smith

Job title:  Project coordinator at Lochaber Hope  
Tell us a bit about your role:   I run a life skills and personal development charity in Lochaber, we provide Counselling, Mentoring, Personal Development and Employability support to the community.   Relationship to W@W e.g. Advisory group member, Network work member:- I did a W@W returners course in 2000 and the following year I was delivering W@W courses myself,  I have been a follower and champion of W@W since then and adore the work being done.   Hobby:- reading, scrabble, jigsaws, family, watercolour painting but need lots of time for that, oh and wine, but not all together at the same time, that wouldn't do at all!  
What would you tell your 16 year old self? There's time! if you don't know what you want to do yet, you don't have to make lifetime decisions right now, explore your options and choices. Do work though, that's important to build you and your skills.  
What was your first Job? I worked as a part time waitress in a store restaurant while I went to catering college, was good, I met my husband there.  
What Woman/Women have inspired you? I think singers who have shared a bit of themselves and inspired others through their music, I think all women should share a bit about ourselves, I always remember Helen Reddy singing 'I am Women' I used to help her sing the car..alone..ehm  
What one change do you believe would make the biggest difference to the life of women?  Equality.., but I believe this would make a difference to everyone, no-one should have to strive or fight to prove themselves, we are a united people but all are individual and deserve to have autonomy within this.  
Who would be your ideal dinner guests? The friends I have round about me in my life right now, they can balance listening and sharing, they have no expectations of me, nor I of them, just to be friends and laugh and cry together.  
What is the best advice you have been given? Oh that's hard, I've had a lot of good people round about me and good advice,  I think when something is said from the heart it touches me most.  If I had to choose right now it would have to be three things. "If you get yourself into a mess, you have to get yourself out of it" and "Get to know Jesus better" and "Try to see things from the other person's perspective"  
What is your favourite holiday spot? I love caravanning, it doesn't really matter where, I don't mind the weather sun or rain, I like to take things day by day and not plan too much on holiday.

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