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Inspirational Women - Anne Marie Goldie

Inspirational Women - Anne Marie Goldie Name:- Mrs AnneMarie Goldie

Job title:- News Sub-Editor for BBC Scotland
I compile and read news bulletins local to the Highlands.  I cover stories for the Highlands, Islands, Argyll and Moray. I need to keep up to date with local news and judge what stories ought to be included.

Hobby:- cycling, road and mountain biking; running, walking, playing the flute and spending time with family.  

What would you tell your 16 year old self? 

Believe in yourself; follow what you want to do, keeping your options open. Show an interest in other people and be enthusiastic. Think about what you can give as opposed to what you can get.
What was your first Job?
Working in the Rosemarkie beach café while at school; also in the Anderson Hotel, Fortrose and at the Golf Club there.
What Woman/Women have inspired you?
Annie Lennox, very talented and individual. My best friend at school, Sheena Clark who showed me that anything is possible, she's now an actress/ dancer with her own dance school in London. Also Sandy Toxfig - comedien & writer for being different; and Tove Janssen, author.

What one change do you believe would make the biggest difference to the life of women?
Maternity Leave and job sharing allow women to have careers and family has made a big difference to women. We are very fortunate in this country.
Who would be your ideal dinner guests?
Mary Livingston, wife of David; JK Rowling and Bradley Wiggins
What is the best advice you have been given?
Have faith in yourself & trust your instincts - While working in one field of broadcasting and wanting to get in to another, I was helped realise my preferred role by being told to have faith in myself and believe I could do the job. I got the job and enjoy it.
Favourite holiday spot?
Nepal, it is out of this world and the people so humble.

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