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Inspirational Women: Lorna Norgrove

Inspirational Women: Lorna Norgrove The mother of Scottish aid worker, Linda Norgrove, who was kidnapped in Afghanistan and subsequently died in a failed rescue attempt, was among the guest speakers at our conference this year.

Her speech was moving and dignified.   The conference delegates were pinned to their seats with a mixture of awe and respect for Lorna who knew that she could not allow bitterness to fill her life after the tragic loss of one of her daughters.   Rather than allow negative feelings for the people of Afghanistan, Lorna and her husband set up the Foundation  to help the women and children affected by the same war that killed her daughter.

When Lorna mentioned, towards the end of her speech, that this was the first time she had spoken publicly about the Foundation it brought a wave of surprise and compassion over the delegates.  

We were privileged to have Lorna as a speaker at our conference.

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