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Inspirational Women - Elizabeth Elgar (Manager/Owner Eliza-Kate Crafts Nairn)

Inspirational Women - Elizabeth Elgar (Manager/Owner  Eliza-Kate Crafts Nairn)

Name:-  Elizabeth Elgar,
Job title:- Manager/Owner  Eliza-Kate Crafts

Tell us a bit about your role:- To provide a place for local people to sell their handmade crafts/art at a set rate rental, to provide a place for local people and visitors to enjoy a stress-free shopping experience, to provide crafts and activities to all people from all ages on a regular basis : promoting creativity, messy play, freedom of expression and identity.

Relationship to W@W e.g. Advisory group member, Network work member:-

Hobby:- Fimo critters, field archery and walking/exploring with my 5yr old

 1.     What would you tell your 16 year old self?  Go back to school for just one more year… you are not quite ready chick!

 2.     What was your first Job? Mother’s Help in London (aged 16)

 3.     What Woman/Women have inspired you?  Every woman inspires me because every woman has a story, we are the most incredibly adaptable people with amazing strength, courage and capacity to care.

 4.     What one change do you believe would make the biggest difference to the life of women?  Removal of chauvinistic ideology from every household - which would hopefully have a knock-on effect with equality and respect for the future generations.

 5.     Who would be your ideal dinner guests?  Stephen Fry, Richard Attenborough, Johann Lamont MSP, Dawn French, Sue Stockdale, and Johnny Depp

 6.     What is the best advice you have been given?  Be honest but always end a negative with a positive and don’t keep crossing to the sunny side of the street – control the balance because opportunity can be found anywhere.

 7.     Favourite holiday spot?  Anywhere on the planet as long as my family are with me.

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