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A Bright Future for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics): WEA Women@Work Conference March 26 2013

A Bright Future for Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics): WEA Women@Work Conference March 26 2013

The WEA Women@Work Annual Conference will be held on March 26th 2013 at Eden Court, Inverness.  Heather Reid OBE (Heather the Weather) and Diane Rawlinson (Inverness College UHI Principal and Chief Executive) will be addressing the conference.

This conference is for women who
- are interested in a career change into Science, Engineering or Technology (SET)
- women already working in SET
- women interested in STEM community projects
- young women at school in S5 or S6 years.

It is also an awareness raising event so we would welcome anyone who has a professional interest in gender equality issues.

In Scotland women are mostly employed in the 5 Cs (catering, clerking, cleaning, caring and cashiering) or as the research for the Women's Employment Summit puts it, "Occupational segregation by gender continues to be a strong feature of women's employment.  With women concentrated in administration, education and health sectors, and fewer women than men in management roles."

In September 2012 there was the first ever Scottish Women's Employment Summit where evidence was provided that highlighted women are under represented in employment areas that require education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

This, our annual conference, aims to support the work of STEM Highland and focus on opportunities for women to further education in STEM subjects and employment opportunities utilising these qualifications.  We also aim to encourage those who are not currently considering STEM subjects to consider them when learning of the opportunities they can bring.

Heather Reid OBE - known by her fans as "Heather the Weather" will be our keynote speaker telling of her experience and encouraging wormen to make the most of STEM educational opportunities. 

Diane Rawlinson - The new Inverness College UHI Principal and Chief Executive will be telling of her experience and of challenges and opportunities for women in managerial positions.

There will be workshops provided by Heather Reid, University of Highlands and Islands, Napier University (Does Gender Matter in Science, Engineering and Technology?)  and Harper MacLeod LLP (women and employment law)

Registration 9.30am - 10.00am.
Free to attend.
Booking is essential - via the website.   

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