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Women of Moray Conference

Venue: St Giles Church, Elgin


Chair: Dr Alison Lumsden: Opening remarks.

Professor Lynn Abrams: Re-peopling the Scottish landscape: some reasons for women's history.

Professor Isobel Murray: Jessie Kesson: child of Moray.

Janet Trythall: The intrepid Gordon Cumming women.

Dr David Northcroft: Touring the North East with a tape recorder: memories of some Moray women.

Susan Bennett: Quartermasters and spymasters: Moray women in two world wars.

Richard Bennett: Walshach and dweeble beyond belief.

Jane Yeadon: Elizabeth Macpherson: woman of letters, Houpman quine.

Alison McCall: Landseer's Flood in the Highlands: the representation of women from Moray.

Alison Lumsden
Senior Lecturer in English and Scottish Literature, The University of Aberdeen; co-editor of Contemporary Scottish Women Writers.
Lynn Abrams
Professor of Gender History, The University of Glasgow; Convenor of Women's History Scotland; author of Myth and Materiality in a Woman's World: Shetland 1800-2000.
Isobel Murray
Research Professor in Modern Scottish Literature, The University of Aberdeen; author of Writing her Life - the biography of Jessie Kesson.
Janet Trythall
Co-author of the book Women of Moray; Vice President of The Moray Society.
David Northcroft
Retired after a career in education; formerly Vice Principal, Northern College, Aberdeen and Dundee; author of Grampian Lives and Scots at School.
Susan Bennett
Co-author of the book Women of Moray; formerly curator of Elgin Museum.
Richard Bennett
Co-author of the book Women of Moray; formerly English teacher at Elgin Academy.
Jane Yeadon
Daughter of Elizabeth Macpherson; author of books about nursing in the 1960s.
Alison McCall
PhD student, The University of Dundee; researching the ‘lass o' pairts'.

Further details and registration forms available from Elgin Museum in December 2011.
Elgin Museum, 1 High Street, Elgin Moray, IV30 1EQ; tel. 01343 543675;

Download Document: Wmen_of_Moray_booking_form.pdf (192.0 KB)

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