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Men earn 10 per cent more

Men earn 10 per cent more

From the Inverness Courier


The pay gap between men and women remains above 10 per cent, with an average of 370 women losing their jobs each day in Scotland.

The grim statistics were revealed at the recent Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) Women@Work conference in Inverness, which heard more needed to be done to help women, including flexible working patterns, properly funded childcare and an equal wage.

The WEA works to improve learning in the community and workplace and its Highlands manager Sue Mitchell said equal pay was an issue across Scotland , including in the region, where she acknowledged there were a lot of women in jobs where their level of skill did not match their role.

“We have an over-representation of women in administrative or clerical jobs with higher levels of qualifications that outstrip the roles that they are in,” she said.

Nationally, there continues to be a pay gap over 10 per cent between men and women and in Scotland the number of women’s jobs lost between October and December last year was an average of 370 each day.

“I think the impact of cuts in local authorities where we have a large workforce of women is impacting particularly”.

She added transport and an ageing population was also a facto locally.

“Flexibility of working patterns is one of the biggest issues that need to be addressed, and just ensuring there is proper joined up government thinking on this.”

The conference took place at Highland Council’s headquarters and was attended by more than 60 delegates, with topics including economics, women and worth.  Speakers included Kathryn Busby, co-director of the Equality Trust, Ailsa McKay, professor of economics at Glasgow Caledonian University, Emma Ritch, from Close the Gap, and Claire Logie, strategic director of Independent Women.

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