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WEA Women@Work Annual Conference 2014: Women in Public Life

WEA Women@Work Annual Conference 2014: Women in Public Life The aim of the conference was to inspire and encourage women to participate in public life.  

(The photo is of Rhoda Grant with Cath Findlay)

Each speaker spoke from their own experiences, some were extremely moving and all showed grace, dignity and compassion for others.  All were very well recieved and greatly appreciated.  The workshops provided a chance to consider how to move forward into working in public life. 

The conference was well attended and the feedback recieved was very positive. Some of the comments are noted below

"Every session was useful, thoroughly enjoyed all your speakers!"
"This was a fantastic day and it was great to hear all the stories about people who managed to make huge changes to improve other people's lives."
"Very inspiring and emotional - it makes me appreciate I'm alive. Thank you"
"The whole day has been excellent"

In response to the question "What will you use from today and how?" we received the following comments
" I will think about applying for a public appointment"
" I will be affirmative and assertive"
"Look for public appointment that is suitable"
"Motivated to get involved - not to blame too much work to do - get on and do"
"Taking a fresh look at what I am still able to offer since retirement"
and many more.

What do we mean by "Public Life"? 
"Public Life" can be considered as an activity that is undertaken to benefit society e.g. making a contribution in a community whether in local community or at national or international level. This includes the formal definition of Public Appointments as in influencing politics but also includes such activity as a volunteer member of a Board of Directors, volunteer in sport, Community Committee, charity organiser etc.  Please download conference brochure here.

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