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Maggie Blyth - Inverness Business Woman

Maggie Blyth - Inverness Business Woman My name is Maggie Blyth and I have a boutique of the same name on Union Street in Inverness stocking an eclectic mix of niche designers from across Europe and beyond. I am also a partner with Susan Stewart in Maggie & Suzi, a boutique which resells preloved designer clothing for women and we have recently opened Stewart & Blyth, a similar version for men. 

I grew up in and around Falkirk and left at 17 to study History at Edinburgh University. I graduated from there and blundered through several jobs from selling jewellery on the beaches in Ibiza to doing core analysis in Aberdeen before being employed by the Burton Group. There I learned my grounding in retail and went on to open shops for the newly formed Principles chain. I also worked briefly for Next and Viyella before returning to the Burton Group. 

It was very hard work and long hours but allowed me to buy my first flat in Edinburgh when I was 24. Wish I had hung on to it as it only cost me £15500! Wonder what it would be worth now. At 30 I returned to university to do a post grad and soon after got married. My then husbands' job is what brought us up north. I worked again for the Burton Group before starting my family and ultimately having my own boutique in Beauly for 11 years and then moving to Inverness. 

I am inspired every day by my lovely family and my work colleagues. They are all amazing inspirational and creative people. There is a huge amount of local creative talent in the Highlands that is largely untapped. These people continually amaze me with their ideas. 

Growing up I really admired Barbara Hulaniki - the founder of Biba. She had a tragic childhood but started her own business selling one style of dress from her London flat and went on to create a little empire. She is still now a highly sought after interior designer in America. Her ability to constantly reinvent herself never ceases to amaze me.

I work 6 days a week so have little time for hobbies and interests other than my business. However I love to do things with my daughters whether it's girly nights in or going for walks or to the cinema. Time spent with them is always fun. The local live music scene is also usually vibrant.

Photo Credit - Alison White Photography

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