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Don't abandon the women of Afghanistan

Don't abandon the women of Afghanistan On the same day that Ch16 launch their Green Scarf campaign to support the women of Afghanistan Terri Judd writes in the The Indepent  about the plight they face.

William Hague and his Nato colleagues are being warned that their efforts to extricate Western troops from Afghanistan threaten to "sell out" the women whose treatment was cited as one of the main evils of the Taliban.

A group of leading aid agencies is using the tenth anniversary of the conflict to demand that Mr Hague, the Foreign Secretary, and his counterparts in the Western alliance demonstrate their commitment to the country's women, who they say are being sacrificed at the negotiations with insurgents despite the fact that their fate was one of the original justifications for military action.

Later this year, on 5th December 2011 governments will be at a Conference in Bonn , Germany, where they will discuss the peace process in Afghanistan. Show your support by joining in with CH16's photo-petition to call on governments to ensure the voices of Afghan women are heard at the Bonn Conference and that agreements made at the conference explicitly call for women’s rights in Afghanistan to be protected not undermined.


Wear a green scarf and send your photo to CH16 and join the campaign on Facebook

Article from News Articles. Read original article here

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