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Don't Turn Back Time on Women's Equality!

Don't Turn Back Time on Women's Equality!

Ross-Shire Women's Aid are holding a tea party and we are all invited to go along.

The event is in Dingwall on 19 November, 11-12.30, and is being held in support of the Fawcett Society  and their "Don't Turn Back Time" campaign. 

Don't miss out. This is an excellent opportunity to support two very good causes. 

Fawcett state that on average, women earn less, own less, and are more likely to work and retire in poverty than men.

The UK government's approach to cutting the deficit will widen the gap between women and men:
-Female unemployment is rising as jobs are cut in public service
-The benefits and services women rely on more are being slashed
-Women on low incomes are becoming poorer
-The pay gap looks set to widen
-Women's access to vital support services is being undermined 
-Increasing numbers of women are being forced to give up work as cuts to childcare support means their jobs no longer cover the family's care costs


For more infomation on the RSW tea party in Dingwall contact Heather Williams at RWA


Please come along and join us for a cup of tea and some homebaking to highlight the impact current government policy is having on women. 50s dress is optional!

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