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Scottish Women's Convention Roadshow Reports

Scottish Women's Convention Roadshow Reports This year the SWC once again  travelled to the Highlands to hold its annual roadshows and its reports have now been published.

Roadshows in Wick, Thurso and Inverness were held in August and W@W participated at the Inverness session.

It was made clear from the outset of discussion that public sector cuts are having an adverse effect on women across Scotland with cuts having a particularly negative impact to service provision in rural and remote areas. 

Particpants expressed concern about cuts in expenditure on education and care of the elderly.

It was felt that cuts are damaging local amenities and service provision which must be protected as much as possible, especially support and crisis services and other services for the vulnerable.  

As could be expected, transport, employment and healthcare figured highly in the roundtable discussions of public sector cuts.

The UK Coalliton Government's policy reflective by the 'spirit of activism' came in for criticism by many of the women who took part in the discussion and is ably summarised in the Inverness report.
"Volunteering is already embedded within the lifestyles of women, although it may not consistently 
be referred to as such. This is a disrespectful and unrealistic policy which completely disregards 
the caring commitments women tend to have, as well as the lack of time they have to volunteer."

To read more - Inverness, Thurso, WIck.

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