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Access Issues in Lochgilphead

Access Issues in Lochgilphead

Last year you may remember that a street audit was carried out by AVA and

the MS Centre to see how problematic access was in Lochgilphead for older

people with disabilities. This work was undertaken as part of Age

Scotland's "Walk In Our Shoes, Act on Our Issues" campaign.

The project is now to be filmed by Age Scotland, and the film crew are

coming to Lochgilphead on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th March.

I left our audit as a paper exercise as I have been anticipating a filming =

event to conduct the actual assessment.

The question for you is - do you know people who would like to take part?

Younger, healthy people can don a "Multiple Sclerosis suit" to understand

what some of the impairments endured by people with MS feel like. Users of

walking aids and wheelchairs, whether motorised or pushed could come along

and negotiate their way along a particular route, noting all the



The film would increase awareness of the difficulties people with decreased

mobility face every day as they go about their daily tasks in a scenic

Scottish town, and would encourage businesses and all of us to be more


When I have some volunteers, I can then consult with them what route they

would like to undertake and what activities they might like to demonstrate

to us younger, fitter people!

Please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in taking part.

With thanks, contact for more information or to express an interest


Antonia Baird

Community Resilience Officer

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