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Social Media Whizz Kids

Social Media Whizz Kids Argyll Voluntary Action (AVA) are developing an exciting new project where young people will employed to run Pop up Social Media Café's across Argyll and Bute.

The aim is to teach the older generation how to use Skype (to get in touch with family and friends abroad), Facebook, twitter and other social media sites (alleviating social isolation).

AVA will support the young people to do their own advertising and marketing for the Cafés.

The young people will undergo around 12 hours of Training (gaining £20 and a certificate on completion) to enable them to deliver effective training.

They will then arrange Social Media Pop up Cafes, probably about 2 per month (perhaps more) with any travelling/overnight expenses met by AVA.

Should after the six month (estimated time of project) period they wish to continue and "Grow a Business" either individually or collectively AVA will facilitate and support them with regards to funding and on-going support.

This project will provide opportunities for young and older people to make connections they wouldn't otherwise have made and to learn from each other's experience. It will also provide valuable work experience for the young people involved as well as the opportunity to develop their own small business, with support.

For more information contact Senga Cakebread, Development Worker on 01631 564839 or at

Download Document: media-cafe-1-3.pdf (200.6 KB)

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