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SAVE OUR GREEN AREAS, BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! Residents of Glencruitten and Polvinister have joined forces to object to the Proposed Local Development Plan to build hundreds of houses on the land which was previously designated as a green area, never to be released for development.

Green Land which residents of Oban now enjoy for leisure pursuits such as running, cycling, horse riding, hill walking, dog walking etc will soon disappear under a development of 100's of new houses if the Local Council get their way. The green area around Glencruitten and Polvinister, including Glencruitten Golf Course, will all be released for housing, putting more strain on roads which are dangerous for pedestrians and traffic as it is! More housing will have an adverse affect on existing house prices, which are already badly hit by the recession.

If you have a view on it, and would like to keep a beautiful area unspoilt for future generations, down load an objection form at
Local Development Plan | Argyll and Bute Council

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