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Equality remains fragile for Scottish women

Equality remains fragile for Scottish women
Scottish women face higher levels of unemployment and financial instability than their male counterparts.

New government research claims that improvements in female equality remain fragile when it comes to the gender pay gap, employment and poverty.
Despite limited growth in the Scottish economy, women remain over represented when it comes to poverty and unemployment.
A new report from Scottish Government Social Research states that women in Scotland:
  • Undertake the majority of care giving
  • Are disproportionately and negatively affected by welfare reforms
  • Are less likely to have savings and to be coping financially
Although women generally have higher qualifications they also experience lower rates of income and higher unemployment. Single female parents and pensioners are more likely to be living in poverty and women are generally more likely to be economcally inactive or unemployed. The gender pay gap remains a staggering 17.2%.
Amid claims from some that the recession is over, public sector cuts have yet to fully make their effect felt and women look likely to be the main victims.

Nearly half of all women employed in Scotland work in the public, education or health sectors. In consequence, public sector cuts will have a disproportionate impact on women.

These worrying findings show that gender equality must remain high on the agenda and point to the need for policies designed to address the needs of women.

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