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Can your family meet the Baby Footprints Challenge?

Can your family meet the Baby Footprints Challenge?
The Highland Real Nappy Project is currently running the Baby Footprints Challenge as their commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of nappy use by challenging people to abandon disposables andconvert to 'real nappies' .
HRNP claim that you can also reduce your household bills while reducing your carbon footprint. If you sign-up for the Baby Footprints Challenge today they will send you a free pack of modern quick drying real nappies, discounts and vouchers for carbon cutting products and services and lots of advice, information and support.
"It could save your family hundreds of pounds", said Ailsa Villegas, Sustainable Development Officer at Highland Council. "Even those of us without babies can help by making a personal pledge"
The Highland Real Nappy Project campaigns and promotes the benefits of real nappy use across the Highland Council area and have been supported by the Highland Council and this year were funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.
If you'd like to sign-up for the challenge contact the HRNP.

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