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Results of the Winter Survey 2014/15

Results of the Winter Survey 2014/15

The Workers’ Educational Association Women@Work Project started in spring of 1999 with a focus on the provision of removing inequalities for professional and business women.   The Women@Work Project received new funding in 2012 for a three year project to run from 2012 – 2015. The 2012 – 2015 Project has a different set of targets from previous years being.  Young women (defined for this project as under 30 years old), Low paid women, Women living in rural areas, Black and ethnic minority women,.  The main purpose for engaging with the target groups mentioned above are to address, Employment, Economic activity, Gender segregation, Gender imbalance.   


¨    Employment

¨    Economic activity

¨    Gender segregation

¨    Gender imbalance

An initial survey was undertaken in 2012 at the start of the new three-year project to assess the current network demographics and level of engagement.  This survey was then followed by another survey in 2013, and in 2014, to assess the level of change in participation and engagement.   These survey results will be used to assist in the continual development of the level and type of activity required to meet the new targets of the 2012 – 2015 Project.  This report provides the results of the 2014 survey and shows comparisons with both previous surveys conducted in 2012 and 2013.  For the rest of the findings please download here.

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