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Women's Views on News

Women's Views on News Womens Views On News is women's daily online news and current affairs service, operating on a ‘not for profit' basis.

The site provides up to date news on all the major national and international stories of the day, in much the same way as any newspaper or online news service, but the stories they feature are always about women.

Their vision is to build a world where all women's voices and experiences are heard.

Why women? According a recent survey by the Global Media Monitoring Project (March 2010), women feature only in a fifth of the world's news headlines and just ten percent of all news stories.

Literally thousands of stories about, by and for women are never told sending a message that women's experiences and opinions are just not as important or as valid as those of men. We challenge that approach and aim to redress the imbalance in women's favour.

If you want to find out about becoming a more discerning news consumer why not attend one of our It's in the News sessions. Check the W@W diary for details of events in your area. 

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